The MGI Secondary School aims at being a top performing institution and will endeavour to provide quality education to its students. Its mission is to

  • Enhance teaching and learning opportunities for both students and staff by promoting a learning environment in the school.
  • Develop the academic and non-academic potential of the students.
  • Provide for the cultural enrichment of the students.
  • Promote the learning and understanding of Oriental Languages, Music, Dance and Culture and provide opportunities for interaction.

Our Vision

We see the MGISS as the model school for successful learning leading to an education for excellence.

Core Values

MGISS is the privileged haven where

Girls and boys learn about the essence of Tolerance, Respect, Humility and Righteousness.

In their daily quest for knowledge, their dedication to

Service along with their endeavour for Universal Brotherhood always they

Strive to keep the Gandhian flame eternally ablaze!!!

The School

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Secondary School (MGISS) is located in the rural area of Moka in Mauritius. The MGISS was founded in 1976 under the parastatal body, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute. The MGISS is one of the 6 secondary schools in the MGI/RTI system. It is funded by the State and managed by the Ministry of Education and the Schooling sector of the MGI/RTI.

MGISS is one of the 13 National Schools which enrolls the best students around the island after successful completion of their primary education (equivalent to 6 years of school as from 5 years old) based on their CPE (Certificate of Primary Education) results.

With the new educational reform, that is the Nine Year Continuous Basic Education (NYCBE), MGISS has been called to become an Academy. Hence, students will be admitted to the school as from Grade 10 (Form 4), based on merit at national level as from the year 2021. MGISS will continue its mission for the welfare of its students.

The MGISS is one of the largest schools in Mauritius with a wonderful green campus. It offers an eco-friendly environment to the students. The MGISS is one of the rare schools funded by the state which enrolls both boys and girls with a total of around 900 students. It has all infrastructural facilities including the Auditorium, Gymnasium, Library, 2 laboratories for each science subject, 2 Computer laboratories and other specialist rooms.


The MGISS offers the most challenging classes to students so they can secure the best results at National exams. The academic year in Mauritius consists of 3 terms.

Academic Year 2018




1st Term

Monday 08 January

Friday 30 March

2nd Term

Monday 16 April

Friday 13 July

3rd Term

Monday 06 August

Friday 26 October

The secondary education lasts for 7 years classified as Grade 7 to Grade 13. During the first 3 years, students follow the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and in Grade 9, they have a National exam. Students then choose 8 subjects and follow the respective syllabuses for 2 years and at Grade 11, they sit for the University of Cambridge School Certificate (SC/O Level) exams. Then for the last 2 years of secondary schooling, students choose and follow the syllabuses for 3 subjects at Advanced Level and 2 subjects (including General Paper as compulsory) at Advanced Subsidiary Level for the University of Cambridge Higher School Certificate (HSC A Level) exams.

The O’ Level and A’ Level examinations are administered by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate of the Cambridge International Examinations board. English language among others are used as teaching medium.

Subject offered and statistics

The subjects at the school can be categorized into four main streams

  • Science – these include subjects such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics
  • Technical –Design and Communication or (Design and Technology), Food studies, Dress and Textiles
  • Arts - Art and Design, Literature in English, French literature, History, Hinduism, Islamic Studies, Oriental languages
  • Economics – Accounting, Economics, Business studies, Enterprise,

Other subjects also include Computer science, Mathematics, Geography and Physical Education among others. Students are offered a whole variety of subject combinations.

Note: Only some of the main subjects have been given above for each stream.

Academic Performance

The school has maintained a consistently excellent performance throughout the years, both in terms of quality and quantity.

The table below shows the % passes for SC and HSC for the last five years. It is to be noted that we have maintained a 100% pass for SC and above 95% pass for HSC.

Pass Rate at SC and HSC Exams for the last 5 years

Year 2012

Year 2013

Year 2014

Year 2015

Year 2016

School Certificate






Higher School Certificate






At Higher School Certificate the school has obtained a number of laureates in different streams.

The laureates are those students who are eligible for state scholarships which allow them to pursue their tertiary studies in a country of their choice. This selection is done at national level and is based on the best results at Higher School Certificate examinations.

Number of State Laureates since 1976

Science Side


Technical Side


Economics Side


Arts Side





Extra-Curricular Activities

MGISS puts a lot of emphasis on holistic education to ensure an overall development of the child.

In line of this holistic development of its students, the MGISS has set up a large variety of school clubs in order to help in the development of different knowledge, skills and attitudes. The school clubs are in line with the development of the 21st century skills and try to satisfy the students’ needs. The school’s clubs are reviewed and readjusted every year. Below is a list of school clubs for the year 2017:

List of school clubs:

  1. Photography Club
  2. Science Club
  3. Interact club
  4. MUN/Literary Club
  5. French Literary Club/DELF/Creative writing/Crossed Words /Sudoku/Spelling/Poetry writing/Drama/Atelier D’écriture
  6. Scrabble & Domino Club
  7. Benevolent Club
  8. Music & Dance Club/Tabla/Dance/Carnatic/Vocal Hindustani/Guitar
  9. Music Band
  10. Badminton
  11. Football
  12. Basket Ball
  13. Chess/Carrom
  14. Fun with Figures
  15. Rotary Club/Interact Club
  16. Craft Club
  17. English Drama Club
  18. Yoga Club
  19. Zumba Club
  20. JAM (only Form IV Students)
  21. Duke of Edinburgh Award
  22. Cinema Club
  23. L’Atelier des artistes
  24. Hindustani Literary/ Creative Club/Drama
  25. Do it yourself
  26. Junior Achievement Scheme
  27. Cookery Club
  28. Life Skills
  29. Self Defense
  30. Human Rights
  31. Eco School Project
  32. Health Club
  33. Youth Leadership
  34. Ecoboost
  35. Astronomy Club

The MGISS hosts and participates in a lot of activities (including cross-country, sports day, participation in MGI/RTI Olympiad, MGIMUN, musical concert, educational tours, celebration of International Day of Peace) and events throughout the year. The school has also been participating in a number of competitions, which include drama, quizzes, essays, debates, languages related competitions among others with students of the school excelling at them. The school has an unmatched legacy in Model United Nations (organized locally among secondary schools of the island) and also won the prestigious Science Quest 2015 at national level.

The MGISS participated in the eco school project and organized many activities in this connection. This year (2017) the school applied for the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that is the Eco-School’s Green Flag which is an international recognition. As a mark of high achievement in education for sustainable development, MGISS has been awarded the Green Flag, symbol of an Eco-school.

Each year MGISS celebrates the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. On that occasion an official garlanding ceremony is organised where eminent personalities are invited. Charitable institutions attend the ceremony. A cultural programme is organised on that day by the staff and students of MGISS whereby inmates from charitable institutions participate. Refreshments and lunch are also served.

The Gandhi Day Committee donates food items to some needy families in the region of Moka. The items are collected from students of MGISS.

School Structure

Apart from the already mentioned curricular activities and school clubs, we also have a number of functional units and school committees.

As students’ support we have a counseling unit and a pastoral care committee. Counseling is provided by a Counselor, appointed by the MGI, to address the students and staff needs. The counseling process is carried out in full confidentiality and under the strict rules of counseling. The pastoral care committee ensures a follow up of students who have special needs. We also have the support of psychologist and social worker from the Zone directorate.

A Safety and Health Officer of the MGI visits the MGISS regularly. Meetings are held to discuss matters pertaining to safety at school. The Safety and Health Officer gives recommendations to be implemented which are in line of promoting Safety and Health.

The following school committees have well defined objectives and targets which are reviewed on a termly basis.

  • School management team
  • Pedagogical committee
  • Disciplinary committee
  • Exams committee
  • Student welfare committee
  • Staff welfare committee
  • Career guidance

This year we will also be setting up a quality assurance team and quality circle.

Partnering with Parents and the Community

Parents are an important stakeholder that we value through regular meetings and activities involving parents namely as resource persons and as support for school activities.

The MGIPTA is actively involved in supporting the school projects and ensuring student welfare.

Through various activities organized by the school and by the interact club (educational, benevolent, environmental among others), we reach out to the community and give our students the opportunities to serve the community. In doing so, they develop empathy, team spirit, leadership skills, communication skills and positive attitudes.

MGISS is one of the best schools in the island and we are committed to continuously improve our system in order to give the best to our students. We are ready to face all life challenges and adapt our school to the rapidly changing needs of the society. Our students are proud to be called gandhians and live up to the gandhian philosophy.

For the Year 2017:

Rector, MGISS - Mrs Surekha Ramful

Deputy Rector, MGISS - Mr Ajay Sooba

Senior Educator - Mrs Bhaminee Surnam

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