School of Indian Studies

School of Indian Studies

Brief Introduction on School of Indian Studies

The School of Indian Studies was set up in 1982 with a view to promoting Indian Studies at tertiary level in Mauritius. The fields of teaching and research of the school are mainly: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. It also coordinates the teaching/learning activities of Chinese Studies and Islamic Studies for some programmes. The Language Resource Centre and Department of Creative Writing and Publications are two other departments under the purview of the School of Indian Studies. Moreover, the school has also been entrusted since a number of years the responsibility of preparing and reviewing the curriculum of the teaching/learning of the above languages at both primary and secondary school levels.

Presently there are 28 academic staff and 13 administrative staff who serve the School of Indian Studies. The total student’s population is 469.

The list of programme of studies offered by the School during academic year 2017/2018.

  1. In-Service courses: (Teacher’s Diploma Programme, Deputy Head Teacher’s course and Advanced Certificate in Education with the Mauritius Institute of Education and the Ministry)
  2. Diploma Programmes in Indian Languages (Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi)
  3. Degree Programmes in Indian Languages (Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi)
  4. Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and Teacher’s Diploma Primary and Educator’s License in collaboration with the Mauritius Institute of Education
  5. Post Graduate Programme (MA)
  6. Training for Educators (Primary and Secondary)

Besides teaching, staff members are also involved in the supervision of dissertation projects of students at BA, MA, Mphil and PhD levels. The School of Indian Studies also contribute to cultural activities in terms of writing of lyrics for songs and scripts for TV programmes to mark major festivals such as Cavadee, Ram Navmi, Maha Shivratree and other cultural programmes.

Academic and Cultural Activities organised by the School

  • Thiruvalluvar Day in January
  • Ugadi in March
  • Endownment Lecture of Thiru Pushparatham Moodaliar and Sivalingum Narrainen in April
  • Marathi Day in May
  • Telugu Language Day in August
  • Srijan Sammaan in August
  • Research Forum in September
  • Hindi Saptaah/World Hindi Day in September
  • Premchand seminar in September
  • Anna Memorial Lecture in September
  • Bhagat Award in September
  • Training of Educators (Primary & Secondary) in November
  • Andhra Day in November
  • Induction for newly recruited Educators in December
  • Eid Celebrations following Eid festival

Research & Publications

Dr J. Chemen

Has published a number of articles in local and international journals on language teaching/learning, sociolinguistics and literature, besides supervising dissertations. He has published three books ‘Spoken Tamil: The Easy Way Bk 1, 2, 3. He supervised one PhD student. He is an external Examiner at PhD level for a number of foreign universities.


  1. Al-Aqreba (Journal) Islam Abad Pakistan
  2. C.P.U.L (Journal) New Delhi Pakistan
  3. Is supervising Research scholars for their PhD

Has also acted as External Examiner for Award of PhD for Karachi University


Mrs M. Koonjul

  1. Interdiciplinary Conference on ‘Contribution of Indian Saints’, paper on ‘Bhartiya santanche pradeshik bhashetil yogdan’ ISBN 978-9380321-95-0..on 8th & 9 th Jan 2015 MGI Moka
  2. Interdiciplinary Conference in Thailand on 25th November 2015.On theme ‘Aspects of Folk Culture in Literature at National and International Level’ Paper published on ‘Mauritius madhil sanskriti’ ISBN 987-93-85709-08-1. Snehavardhan Research Institute,Pune and Sanbook Quality Consultancy, Dubai
  3. Contribution of Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar & Swatantryaveer Vinayak Savarkar in Various Fields’, the International interdisciplinary conference on 6th & 7th June 2016 at Kensington, London, paper title ‘Savarker Ek Vyaktimatwa’ ISBN 978-93-85709-29-6, Snehavardhan Research Institute, Pune and Narendra Modi Vichar Manch.
  4. Published paper on theme ‘The Concept of Universal Motherhood’, paper on ‘Ashi Aste Aai’ ISBN 978-93-85709-30-2 in the International inter disciplinary conference on 13 &14 June 2016 at Zurich, Switzerland. Snehavardhan Research Institute,Pune and Sanbook Quality Consultancy, Dubai
  5. ‘The Aspects of Women Empowerment in Various Fields at National and International Level’ & ‘Value Education and Youth’ , 8th International Interdisciplinary Conference, Pune, India. Paper Title ‘The aspects of women empowerment in various fields at national and international level reference to Marathi literature’. ISBN978-93-85709-45-6. 16 October 2016, Snehavardhan Research Institute,Pune and Sanbook Quality Consultancy, Dubai
  6. Published paper on the concept ‘Nature of My Research Work and its Importance at International Level’, 10th International Interdisciplinary Conference, Malaysia, 16 November 2016. Paper Title ‘Importance of my research’, ISBN 978-93-85709-48-7 in 10th International Interdisciplinary Conference, MAHSA University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Snehavardhan Research Institute,Pune,.
  7. International Interdisciplinary Conference in Moscow,Russia on ‘Contribution of Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi and Annabhau Sathe in different sectors.’ (Analysis), paper on ‘Mahatma Gandhi’s Educational Approach’ (Reference to Mauritius) ISBN 978-93-85709-30-2

Published article in Vasant:

(i) Ganapati 2014

. (ii) Vinda Karandikar Ek Vyaktimatwa - 2015

(iii) Lady writers in Marathi Literature – 2016

Dr H. Gowreea

(i) Marathi article Published - Vasant 2014/2015, 2015/2016 – 2016/2017

Dr B. Abba

  1. Bhartiya Santanche Yogdan 08. 01. 2015 International Seminar on the

The Contribution of Indian Saint Poets ISBN 978-93- Contribution of Indian Saints 80321 – 950

Poets at the Mahatma Gandhi

Institute, Mauritius – 2015

  1. Dahashatvad: Marathi Sahityavar 14. 03. 2015 International Conference at

Prabhav. ISBN 978 – 93- Sangamner NagarpalikaArts

Impact of Terrorism on Marathi 81921-46-3 D. J Malpani Commerce &

Literature B.N Sarada College of

University of Pune India on

A challenge before Human Right

  1. Kriyol bashecha Mauritius madhil 15.03. 2015 International Conference on

Marathi bhashewar parinam jhalela ISSN 2277-9302 contemporary issues in

The Impact of Creole on Marathi Language learning, teaching

Language in Mauritius literature, media, and culture

at India International Centre

New Delhi.

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